40 years of experience in glove research,
development and production
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Slide Which glove is good for my needs?
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About Us

Corporate Profile

With more than 40 years of experience in production, research and development, SafeMed Pro AG is a Pioneer in the glove market. We offer a full range of Latex, Nitrile and Special Gloves for the Medical-, Examination-, Industrial-, Retail- and Consumer Market and a broad variety of Specific Gloves.

SafeMed Pro provides Custom Made Glove Solutions, performs Marketing & Sales functions, secures Local Registration and Legal Compliance and guarantees terms and deliveries of all SafeMed products.

With our Malaysian Packing Factory that is specialized on Small Packs, we have the unique advantage to respond to very specific customers‘ needs quickly and efficiently and develop all varieties of packaging material.


Gloves are there to protect the hands. The right choice of gloves is therefore essential. But with our wide range of different gloves, each with specific properties, it’s critical to match the type of glove to the task to be performed.

The most important parameters when selecting gloves are the intended application of the glove and the need for protection against various risks. In order to determine the correct glove, you need to consider the intended task, material, thickness, size, intended use, time of use, and disposal.

To help you find the right glove we split the search up in two categories, Glove Material & Glove Application.

Should you have trouble finding the suitable product, please contact us.

Glove Material

Nitrile Rubber

Nitrile gloves are made of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), which is a synthetic material, and can be used as an alternative for people allergic to natural latex or those who want to prevent an allergy. Another advantage is the enhanced resistance to many chemicals, particularly to oils…

Our Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Latex Natural Rubber

Disposable Natural Rubber Latex gloves are good health care gloves as they are good for patient care, cleaning, food handling etc., but not for chemicals such as chemotherapy (cytostatica) or hormone creams. Latex gloves protect well against cross contamination from virus and bacteria, are very flexible, therefore often called second skin. Latex gloves are the optimal choice based on overall performance…

Our Latex Natural Rubber Gloves

Glove Application


PPE gloves protect against a wide variety of hazards. The nature of the hazard and the operation involved will affect the selection of gloves…

Our PPE Gloves


In industrial food processing – as well as in all other areas in which food is handled – selecting the right safety gloves is of particular importance…

Our Food Gloves

Healthcare & Medical

Medical gloves are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect Medical gloves are examples of personal protective equipment…

Our Healthcare & Medical Gloves

Industry & Lab

When you work in the laboratory or in an industrial environment, select gloves which are resistant to the hazard or chemicals you may be exposed to…

Our Industry & Lab Gloves


Retail is detail and with it nearly impossible to suggest the right glove. Each country, retail- or supermarket have their own preferences…

Our Retail Gloves

Hair & Beauty

For hairdressers it is important for hair colors to not permeate through the gloves and to make sure glove does not have too much grip…

Our Hair & Beauty Gloves


Whether you’re a cleaning business owner, maid, or a sanitary maintenance worker, you want to make sure your hands are protected…

Our Janitorial Gloves

Special & Small Packs

The importance of the right packaging
Packaging is a crucial marketing strategy to attract the consumer’s attention. Most consumers judge a product by its packaging before buying. So it is logical to say attractive packaging is crucial in order to get the first time buyers to buy your products. Without attractive packaging, who would buy it in order to try it?

  • Packaging identifies your brand 
  • Packaging communicates with the consumer and presents an image, displays the product and also provides instructions for its use
  • Packaging distinguishes your product from your competitor’s in its design, color, and shape
  • Packaging is your product’s promotional advertisement. It is the last thing the consumer sees about your product before making a decision to purchase it

Safety & Quality

Gloves are there to protect our hands

Our hands are our most important tool, and we need to do all we can do to protect them. Good gloves do exactly that and more. That is why the glove quality and compliance with required standards is so important. If the price is too good to be true, usually there is a pretty good reason why.
With more than 40 years in the glove business the highest quality of products, modern, efficient and reliable production, continually stringent testing and the compliance with constantly evolving standards & regulations are in the DNA of SafeMed.